Monday, May 5, 2008

Second Life Land: Swimming in Openspace Sims by Lizard Howl

Second Life Land: Swimming in Openspace Sims by Lizard Howl

Hi everyone. Right about now we will be seeing the influx of Openspace Sims in the Second Life land market. I predict that within six weeks we will see that the market has been flooded, and we will be able to purchase these sims on auction. At auction they may go for as little as $50-$100 USD, instead of the $250 USD retail price. If you are considering purchasing an Openspace Sim and haven’t placed your order I have one word for you: Wait.

These full region, low prim allotment sims have been selling like cold lemonade on the 4th of July. My partner and I placed an order for four of these Openspace Sims soon after the new lower pricing came into effect. We have been told that there are something like 250 trouble tickets ahead of us, and I think it is reasonable to suspect that we ordered somewhere in the middle of the land rush. That will mean that there are another 250 orders placed after ours. Lets assume that in this first wave of orders for the Openspace sims there were 500 orders placed. I have a feeling that most Estate Owners did not order these one at a time. We ordered four, some probably ordered one or two, and a few probably ordered thirty at once or more. If each Estate Owner ordered just four of these Openspace Sims then a total of 2000 Openspace Sims have been ordered in the last two weeks or so. The Lindens are selling these at $250 USD each, which means they gained a cash infusion of $500,000 USD for selling this hot new kind of land.

Linden Labs places four of these Second Life land regions per standard server. This means that when you have your own sim, you are sharing the server with three other sim owners, and you have no way of regulating the scripts, colliders, or lag issues that the other sims will cause. The lag will affect your sim, and the other sims on the same server. As residents of these sims get tired of battling with the lag issue they will move back to Mainland or ¼ sims. This combined with the oversupply of means we will soon be swimming in Openspace Sims.

I predict that it will take three to four weeks for these Openspace Sim orders to be filled. We will see them come online in batches every day for a couple of weeks. Estate Owners will realize that they have ordered too many. They will start to abandon or sell off their Openspace Sims, which will lead to mass vacancies and virtual ghost towns.

What happens next? The Estate Owners will drop their rates to ridiculous or unprofitable levels in a desperate attempt to cover the $150,000 worth of monthly tier payments generated by these sims. Roughly six weeks from now, the Estate Owners who bought too many will start abandoning them, and a good percentage of the sims will bounce back to Linden Labs.

I’m waiting for them to come on the auction block for $50-$100 USD, then I might add a few more to my collection. If you heed my advice, you’ll wait too!

See you in world.

Lizard Howl

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