Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Buying land in Second Life: A guide by Lizard Howl

Buying land in Second Life: A guide by Lizard Howl

Hi everyone. I hope this will take some of the confusion out of the process of buying land in Second Life. There are all kinds of land in Second Life, but for now you will just learn how to buy Mature Mainland. Land that is Mature has a higher resale value than land that is PG.

To do a Search within Second Life for land:
Press Control-F then select the Land Sales tab. From the options on the top left of the search bar select For Sale – Mainland, and on the option just underneath that select Mature Only. To the right of these options you will see two other check boxes. In the bottom box check the box that says Area and enter the size of the land you want to buy. In the top box enter the top price you want to pay for your land. If you want a nice piece of land for residential use you will probably want to spend more than you would for commercial land.

I will use a specific example and do a search for a cheap 512m of land for commercial use. I don’t want to spend any more than 9L/m, so my top price for the land would be 4608L. In the top box I enter 4608, and in the bottom box I enter 512, then I press Search. This will show me all the listings for Mature Mainland parcels for sale that are at least 512m or bigger and priced at 9.0L/m or lower. After I get the Search results, I click the arrow at the top of the second column, where it says L$ Price, and sort my results. At the time of my writing this article, the cheapest piece of land I find is selling for 4375L for 512m, which is a price of 8.5L/m.

Once you see a listing at the right price, double click on the name and a landmark will pop up. From there you will probably need to teleport to a few places before you find a piece of land that suits your needs.

This will get you started in your process of buying land in Second Life.

Have fun!

Lizard Howl

IM Lizard Howl for all your Second Life land needs!

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