Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Second Life Land: Understanding Low Prim Sims

Second Life Land: Understanding Low Prim Sims by Lizard Howl

Hi everyone. Well there has been a lot of fuss made these last couple of weeks about the Second Life Land known as a Low Prim Sim, Void Sim or Openspace sim. The reason there is so much fuss about it is because Linden Labs recently changed the number of prims available in the Low Prim Sim. What is a Low Prim Sim, what is all the fuss about, why do you want one, and how can you get one?

The proper Linden Labs name for the Second Life Land is Openspace sim. The Openspace sim has all the benefits of owning a full sim, but doesn’t cost nearly as much. It is comparable to owning a ¼ sim, plus having all the privacy that you would get if you owned an entire sim.

The low prim sim has 3750 prims, which is what you would get with a ¼ sim. The low prim sim is a small land mass island, has the 3750 prims, but it takes up an entire region on the map. They are called low prim sims because a full sim normally has 15,000 prims.

If you want to own a low prim sim you will need to order it directly from Linden Labs. Linden Labs will allow you to order an Openspace sim if you already have a Premium Account and own a full prim sim! If you are not already an Estate Owner with a full prim sim, at this time there is no way to order a low prim sim directly from Linden Labs. If you have an Estate already you can order the low prim sim by issuing a trouble ticket to the Lindens. The purchase price is $415 including first month’s tier. Recurring tier fee is $75 per month for each low prim sim that you own. This is in addition to all your other land use fees!

If you are not an Estate Owner but would like to enjoy living in a sim without having to worry about neighbors, you can rent your Openspace sim from an existing Estate Owner. It is also possible to “purchase” one from an Estate Owner by paying them a purchase price plus monthly tier. In this case you would most likely be purchasing Estate Manager rights to the sim. This would typically allow you to name your own Covenant, have control over the media and terraforming for the sim, and have full control over the access to your land. You would also be able to resell the sim to someone else, depending on your agreement with the Estate Owner.

Remember that when you pay tier to a private Second Life land dealer you are always facing the risk that they will not keep up with their own tier payments to Linden Labs, and you could lose all of your land, even if your own payments were made on time. Be sure you rent or purchase from someone who is established and that you trust, and ask for references.

Low prim sims can be an affordable way to have private land for your home or business without incurring the costs associated with owning a full sim.


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