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Tips on buying land in Second Life by Lizard Howl

Tips on buying land in Second Life by Lizard Howl

Hi everyone. There are so many different aspects to the land game in Second Life that it can be very confusing. I will give you some tips to consider when buying land parcels which are owned directly by Linden Labs, or what is known as Mainland.

In order to purchase Mainland parcels you will need to have a Premium Account. This is because you will pay tier directly to Linden Labs. Your Premium Account allows you to hold 512m of Mainland for no additional monthly tier. How much more you pay in tier will depend on how much more land you own.

When you own Mainland, there is no Covenant. This simply means you can do anything you want with the land. You can use it for residential use, business use, or rent it out to other people.

The cost of the land will vary depending on the size, shape, style, location of the land, and what else is nearby. There are some very nice pieces of Mainland to be found, and there are a lot of junky places too. Everyone seems to think that Mainland is always slow and laggy. This is not always true. All Mainland sims are now running on Class 5 servers, which is the same type of servers Linden Labs use for Estate land. The difference is that since there is no Covenant, a lot of Mainland sims have ugly signs, noisy clubs, bad builds, and poor scripts that cause lag.

When you are looking for high quality land in Second Life keep in mind these general rules:

Square or rectangle sized pieces sell for more than pieces that are irregular shapes.
Flat land sells for more than hilly land.
Grassy land sells for more than rocky or snowy land.
Land suitable for Residential use sells for more than Commercial land.
Land that is Ocean front or on protected waters sells for more than land that is far away from the water.

One word of caution! There is a lot of land listed that claims to be “Water front” or next to “Protected Water.” I have seen regular pieces of land that someone terraformed so that it looked like a water piece and then changed the name of the land to “Protected Waterfront.” That kind of misrepresentation makes me sick – do not be fooled.

If you want to make sure the land is truly protected water front, you will need to fly into the water parcel. Then from the top menu select WorldàAbout land. In the About Land screen look at the General tab. Land that is protected will show that the land Owner is Governor Linden.

I hope you found these tips on buying land in Second Life helpful.


Lizard Howl

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